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Hi! My name is Scott. I am the owner and sole member of Utah BioAgriculture. My wife and I live in Provo, Utah.

I began my journey in 2015 when I had been interested in regenerative agriculture. I was particulary interested in "closed loop systems" where, in an agricultural context, nutrients are conisistently recycled through a system and never lost. I was studying aquaponic systems when I came across vermicomposting. That year I got a small worm bin as a christmas present - my favorite present! Although it took me some time to learn how to keep my worms happy, eventually I learned how to "speak their language." 


I began collecting food waste from several restaraunts in Logan, Utah. I probably collected around 5000 pounds of waste and converted it into worm castings. It was during this time that I pitched my business idea at USU and won the special guest's award, and even had an article in the newspaper written about the worms. I did business with greenhouses, home gardeners, hemp growers, and even competitive pumpkin growers!

However, my business would have a huge change in the summer of 2020. As I was learning more about the benefits of worm castings, I came across Dr. Elaine Ingham and the Soil Food Web School. I learned SO much about what soil really is and what it can really do! It was entirely revolutionary. I stopped seeing soil as something to put nutrients in and get nutrients out, but as a living breathing ecosystem.

Since then, I have learned how to perform microscopy - identifyng and quantifying soil organisms, comparing the results to where they should be, and then establishing those organisms back into the soil. Everything that a soil should be capable of is done by soil biology. Nutrients, water retention, pest and disease control, carbon sequestration, weed suppression, greater plant growth, better taste and nutrition in crops, and more is all provided by a healthy soil ecosystem. Its entirely possible to grow without fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides!

Feel free to call, text, or email!

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