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Temporarily only available for local pick up as of 05/10/24. Please contact me for availability

✔️ Pure Red Wigglers (Eisenia Fetida) - Not cut with Indian Blue Worms (Perionyx Excavatus)

✔️ Healthy Worms from a Nutrient Rich Environment

✔️ Guaranteed Live Delivery

✔️ Top Rated Customer Service

✔️ Taxes Included in Price

✔️ Local Pick Up Available During Checkout


Red Wigglers are around 3 inches long when fully stretched, and can eat about half their weight per day. These worms are the preferred species for composting in the worm composting world. Red Wigglers can be shipped with a live delivery guarantee, or picked up locally in Utah County.


Need more information on Red Wigglers or Worm Composting? Check out the Worm Composting guides on the website.

Red Wiggler Composting Worms

  • Worm orders are taken Monday-Sunday and are shipped via USPS Priority Mail the following Monday or Tuesday. You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number when they are shipped.


    To ensure live delivery, be sure to be available to bring the worms indoors and into their bin upon arrival. Avoid leaving them in locations that might cause them to freeze or overheat depending on the time of year.


    If more than 10% of worms are dead upon delivery, a video (or several pictures) must be taken within 2 hours of delivery and replacement worms will be shipped.


    Worm shipments may be delayed in instances of especially unfavorable weather.

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