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Upon placing an order, I will contact you to consult the best way to collect samples based on your needs.

Samples require 1 day shipping for most accurate results. For most of Utah, priority mail will deliver packages in just 1 day - although this is not guaranteed.

If you do not need a comprehensive soil chemistry test, and would only like a test that covers a few nutrients, contact me to work out the details!

Soil Testing

  • Soil Food Web Certified Biology Assessments

    • A representative sampling from your soil/directions on how to collect a representative sample.
    • Bacterial Biomass in μg/g
    • Fungal Biomass in μg/g
    • Fungal to Bacterial Ratio
    • Protozoa counts (Ciliates, Flagellates, Testate and Naked Amoeba).
    • Nematode counts (Bacterial Feeding, Fungal Feeding, and others).
    • Other relevant organisms (Arcella, anaerobic organisms, Rotifers, Oomycetes etc.)
    • Standard deviation numbers
    • Interpretation of your results.


    Contact me for examples of previous assessments.

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