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Worm Castings - "Black Gold"

Contact me for local pick up or bulk orders - prices will be cheaper.

Worm Castings are known as the Best Organic Fertilizer Available


✔️ "Real" Worm Castings made from manures, straw, and leaves; No Fillers

✔️ Fully Processed by 100% Eisenia Fetida Red Wigglers

✔️ Fresh - No Older than 6 Months, and Never Bagged
✔️ Biologically Active with Millions of Beneficial Microorganisms

✔️ Sifted to 1/4 inch

Worm Castings

  • 1 gallon = approximately 5 pounds.


    4 ounces is recommended per plant. 20% by volume is recommended for potting/soil mix. More than 33% is not necessary. The biology in the castings will innoculate your soil, so very little is needed for maximum benefits.

    If you are planning on applying these castings to an established garden, I recommend making a tea with the castings. If your soil organic matter is sufficient, one pound could treat 10-50 square feet. Consulting on how to do this correctly is free with purchase.

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